The Beachburg Fair ATV RUN is on!

Registration is between 8am -9am Saturday July 8th.

Registration Fee is $

Included in your fee is:

  • 1 re-entrance bracelet to the fair grounds for the day.
  • 1 free poker hand draw ( each additional poker hand is $5.00).
  • 1 free ticket to enter in the door prize ( more tickets can be purchased on sight).

Meet up at the Bavarian Gardens at the Fair Grounds…

Pick your poker hand and maybe buy a few more hands.

Also available at the Bavarian Gardens will be the Buck-a-Roo Breakfast for $10.00 a plate.

Please be advised, this is a self serve event on the trails / route.

ATV operators are responsible for any possible trail permits needed, vehicle insurance, valid driver’s license, and must adhere to all Ontario ATV and road laws.

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