In 1857 the Beachburg Fair was born. A place for local people to gather and share in the success of the fall harvest and the gathering of family and community neighbours.

Over the years it has grown and flourished into a grand spectacle of community, agriculture and down home fun! It has won many awards, prizes and mentions through the years.

In 2020, MYFM in Pembroke held their first Spirit Awards giving the public the opportunity to nominate and vote for various people, businesses, food and events etc. The Beachburg Fair was nominated “Favourite Fair”. And Favourite Fair it graciously WON!

The love and spirit of appreciation for the Beachburg Agricultural Society and generations of hard work touched our hearts and made them swell with joy! Special thanks to David Beach and the very first Board as well as John Supple for creating and facilitating the first fair in our community.

Thanks to the past and present generations of board members, volunteers, and our community for their vision, support, hard work, sleepless nights and tireless days which have all contributed to our agriculturefamily, and community. Thanks for keeping our long history of tradition going for the next generations!

Thank You, and we hope our adage is true… “We’ll see you at the Fair”.

With gracious thanks from The Beachburg Agricultural Society