General Rules for Exhibitors:

  1. All exhibits to be places on Thursday, July 22, 2021 from 7-9pm and Friday July 23rd, 2021 from 9-11am
  2. Covid drop off protocol : all Exhibitors must have things pre-tagged and exhibitor list filled out. Place all exhibits in boxes ( or marked baskets) and a committee member with transport from vehicle trunk to the hall. We will store boxes & baskets for pick up.
  3. Judging will commence at 12pm (noon) on Friday, July 23rd, 2021.
  4. All adult classes are subject to a one time entry fee of $5.00, Junior classes are free, unless a child 16 and under enters an Adult class.
  5. All exhibits in these classes must be the bona fide work or product of the exhibitor.
  6. In case of no competition, the judge is instructed to with hold prize unless exhibit is worthy.
  7. Judges are authorized to discard all soiled, defaced work and instructed to award prizes to the new , clean, and up to date work.
  8. Any Junior class follows the same rules as the Adult classes including the “additional rules” Junior classes with the Adult classes if not mark are for children 16 years and under.
  9. The Exhibition hall will be closed to the public between 4:00pm and 5pm, Only Exhibition hall Committees are permitted, on Sunday July 25th, 2021.
  10. Entries are to be picked up between the hours of 5 and 6pm sharp on Sunday July 25th, 2021. Due to Covid restrictions please only one exhibitor ( and helper(s) in the hall at a time). Items will be pre boxed up for removal.
  11. See each section for any additional rules specific to that category.

Class 26

Prize Money : $5., $4.75, $4.50, $4.25

Roots & Vegetables and Fruits Additional Rules:

  1. One entry only, per person or household in each section.
  2. Entries not requiring water to be shown on a plate.
  3. See Rules & Regulation page for more info.

Roots, Vegetables and Fruit

  1. Twelve Green Beans – leave 1/2″ of calyx on
  2. Twelve Green Pod Peas – leave 1/2″ of calyx on
  3. Five Carrots, 3″ and over, tops trimmed
  4. Five Table Beets, tops trimmed
  5. Bunching Onions


Class 27

Prize Money : $4., $3., $2., $1.

Junior Veggie Growers

Tip: Can use tooth picks, skewers, string etc. to attach parts. And display creation on a plate (no glass).

  1. Make a vehicle out of a cucumber
  2. Make a portrait out of vegetables


Class 28

Prize Money : $3., $2.50, $2.


Class 28A Plants in Pots:

  1. Spider plant ( must be mature plant with babies)
  2. Begonia
  3. Geranium in bloom
  4. Single house plant, never flowers, any variety

Class 28B Cut Flowers:

  1. Minature Rose, 1 stem
  2. Lily, 1 stem (not day lily)
  3. Hosta, 3 leaves, same cultivar
  4. Any other flower not listed – 3 stems, named

Class 28C Decorative Arrangements:

  1. Wild in the country – a wayside arrangement using fresh road side flowers , foliage etc.
  2. Wooden it be nice – arrangement using flowers & weathered board or drift wood
  3. Celebration – a table center piece with candles

Class 29A

Prize Money : $3., $2.50, $2.

Class 29A Primary Flower Arrangements (5-7 yrs old):

  1. Toy talk – an arrangement in a toy
  2. A bunch of road side flowers displayed in a recycled container

Class 29B Juniour Flower Arrangement (8-12 yrs old) :

  1. Special Day – a creative design to interpret a special occasion
  2. Soups on an arrangement using a soup can


Class 30

Prize Money : $4., $3.50, $3.

Culinary Arts Additional Rules:

  1. One entry per person or household in each section.
  2. All containers must be glass jars, no wax, Containers or bottled goods will be opened by the Judge.
  3. Exhibits should be on a disposable plate, entry tag stapled to the plate and in a plastic bag.

Culinary Arts & Domestic Science

  1. White loaf of Bread, made in a bread machine
  2. White load of bread, NOT made in a bread machine
  3. Three Banana Muffins, with out liners
  4. Three Oatmeal Cookies
  5. Three squares of Brownies, un-iced (1 1/2 inch square)


Class 31

Prize Money : $4., $3., $2.

Junior Baking

  1. Three Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. Two Rice Krispy Characters ( any design and decoration)
  3. Two Cupcakes, iced and decorated


Class 34

Prize Money: $4, $3, $2


Class 34A Sewing:

  1. Two pot holders
  2. Sleep pants – any size
  3. Two hot pads
  4. Recycled article
  5. Sewn article not listed

Class 34B Knitting:

  1. Child’s socks
  2. Child’s mitts
  3. Homemade fine socks
  4. Adult mitts
  5. Homemade Heavy socks

Class 34C Crochet:

  1. Baby’s carriage cover or afghan
  2. cushion
  3. slippers
  4. Crochet article not listed elsewhere

Class 34D Embroidery:

  1. Article of red work embroidery
  2. Article of counted cross stitch
  3. Embroidery – other

Class 34E Quilts:

  1. Crib quilt, pre-printed panel – hand quilted
  2. Article of quilting other than a quilt
  3. Wall hanging, hand or machine quilted

Class 34F Special:

  1. Display that you would use for an afternoon tea ( tea set, platter of cookies, etc.)
  2. Display of 4 articles for special occasion ( Christmas , Easter etc)
  3. Display of 3 articles from an older time. ( can be pieces of furniture, clock, etc.)


Class 35

Prize Money: $4, $3, $2

Arts & Crafts Additional Rules:

  1. All art work to be framed or mounted and have proper hanging device. No larger than 2.5′ in all directions, unless specified otherwise.

Arts & Crafts

  1. Any Subject, acrylic
  2. Any subject, water-colour
  3. Lead pencil drawing, any subject
  4. Aboriginal Art any medium, not computer generated
  5. Any subject, acrylic, done in a paint class or paint night
  6. A wreath for the outdoors
  7. Chalk painting, any subject or item, decorative
  8. Baby Onesie Memory keep sake stuffed animal
  9. Drift wood creation
  10. “I made it” from Jeans


Class 36

Prize Money: $4, $3, $2

Junior Art

  1. Any subject – Magic markers
  2. Any subject – computer art
  3. Any subject – coloured pencil


*Special *

Senior Class 37

Ages 17 and up

Prize Money : 1st $30., 2nd $20., 3rd $10 ~ Sponsored by the McClelland Family

Barn Quilt

64. On a 16″ x 16″ (approx.) square piece of wood paint a Barn Quilt Block – any subject/theme, colour scheme.

In loving memory of Lowell “Pete” McClelland Memorial Barn Quilt Competition.


Class 38

Prize Money: $4, $3, $2

Photography Additional Rules:

  1. This competition is for amateurs.
  2. All entries,  must be 4 x 6 inch photos and mounted in pairs ( 2 different pictures depicting the theme) on white bristol board leaving a one inch border around the pictures. (No glass or frames will be accepted).
  3. Photos must not be entered in the competition more than once.


  1. Rural Landscape
  2. Farm Animals
  3. Active Living
  4. Enjoying Nature
  5. Water
  6. Colour in Nature


Class 39

Prize Money: $4, $3, $2

Junior Photography

  1. Bird, flower, animal or insect
  2. Your favourite selfie
  3. Having fun with friends
  4. Landscape with your favorite sunrise or sunset


Junior Fair

Prize Money: $2.25, $2., 1.75, $1.50, $1.

Junior Fair Additional Rules:

  1. Any exhibitor can show in higher grade classes.
  2. Junior Fair exhibitors can show in adult classes, providing the $5 membership fee is paid.
  3. School grade as of January 2021.
  4. Entries must solely be the work of the person exhibiting. Work done by parents, teachers etc. will disqualify them from competition.

Class 44A – Preschool

  1. Colouring page found online of farm animals – coloured and decorated
  2. Play dough animals
  3. Dress a Stuffy for a Country Fair

Class 44B – JK & SK

  1. Colouring page found online of farmers & animals – coloured and decorated
  2. Playdough barn
  3. Dress a Stuffy for a hard day at work in the fields

Class 44C – Grades 1 &2

  1. Colouring page found online of Fair fun – coloured and decorated
  2. Playdough farm scene
  3. Dress a Stuffy for a 4-H Beef show

Class 44D – Grades 3 & 4

  1. Colouring page found online of Fair fun – coloured and decorated
  2. Create a coloured drawing of a Fun thing you did this year.
  3. Dress a Stuffy like our President Dave MacKay ( need any hints? google him at

Class 44E – Grades 5 & 6

  1. Adult colouring page found online of a Fair – coloured and decorated
  2. An 8×10″ poster advertising the Beachburg Fair – mounted
  3. Something awesome you made with a short note about it

Class 44F – Grades 7 & 8

  1. Adult colouring page found online of a Agriculture – coloured and decorated
  2. An 8×10″ poster advertising the Beachburg Fair – mounted
  3. Something awesome you made with a short note about it