1. This Fair shall be known as the Beachburg Agricultural Society, hence known as Beachburg Fair.
  2. The Annual Meeting shall be held in the Village of Beachburg in January and monthly meetings held thereafter as called by the Directors.
  3. The payment of $5 constitutes a membership fee for the current year which entitles exhibitors to show in as many classes and sections of classes as they wish in accordance with rule 16.
  4. A deduction of 15% of all prize money for livestock will be retained. A deduction of 15% of prize money over $5 will be retained by the Society. (No deduction will be made on prize money under $5).
  5. The Secretary’s Office and the Exhibition Hall will be open for the receiving of exhibits on
  6. Wednesday July 5th from 7-9pm , Thursday July 6th, 2023 from 1-3pm.
  7. Judging will commence at 9am on Friday, July 7th, 2023.
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  9. Entries for Hall Exhibits must be in the hands of the Secretary or Homecraft President by 3pm, Thursday July 6th, 2023.
  10. Cattle entries will be accepted up to 10am on the day of showing.
  11. No articles will be allowed to be removed from the Exhibition Hall before 5:00pm on Sunday July 9, 2023, without the permission of the Homecraft President.  Anyone breaking this rule will forfeit all claims on the Society of premiums awarded.
  12. No articles will be allowed on the Fairgrounds unless entered with the secretary for exhibition.
  13. That in the absence of competition in any of the classes, or if the animal or articles exhibited be of inferior quality, the judges shall exercise their discretion as to the premiums they shall award. No premiums to be awarded for any animal or article which, in the opinion of the judges, is not deserving of it, such opinion is to be noted by the judges in their book.
  14. That while the directors will take every precaution possible under the circumstances to ensure the safety of articles sent to the exhibition, yet it is to be distinctly understood that the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting, and should any article be accidentally injured, lost or stolen, the Society will give every assistance towards the recovery of the same. It will not make any payment and therefore will not be held responsible in any way.
  15. That the treasurer at all times within reasonable hours of business, exhibit the state of his/her accounts to any office bearer of the Society.
  16. Protest must be made in writing by the exhibitors before the close of the Fair: Any party making a protest, a deposit of three dollars will be given to the secretary as a guarantee of good faith. The directors will decide in all cases and their decision will be final. The money will be returned upon proving their protest.
  17. All bulls brought to the exhibition shall be ringed and under strict care of the owner or exhibitor.
  18. No person shall be allowed to exhibit more than one entry in any one section of a class except in livestock. No animal may be exhibited in more than one herd.
  19. Any director or official of the Society exhibiting in any class or section shall be prohibited to wear his or her badge while the exhibits are being judged.
  20. When a dispute arises, no prize shall be paid for 12 days after the exhibition.
  21. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to interfere with the judges at work.
  22. Please cash cheques by September 30th, 2023. While the Society wishes to guarantee all special prizes, exhibitors winning special prizes must present their voucher within 60 days from the date of the Fair or the Society will not be responsible.
  23. Should the income of the Society be insufficient to pay all prizes in full, this Society only binds itself to pay as much of the prize money as is consistent with the receipts.
  24. All animals and articles must be a bona fide property of the exhibitors. All animals must be owned outright for a period of nine months previous to the exhibition except in the case of purebred stock for which the transfer papers must be produced before the payment of prize money. This also includes other produce such as grains, roots, vegetables and fruits.
  25. The Beachburg Agricultural Society will not be held responsible for any accident occurring to its patrons on the fairgrounds during the Fair or at any other time.
  26. All gambling, theatrical, circus, mountebank performances, exhibitions or shows and all huckstering or trafficking in fruits, goods, wares or merchandise are hereby prohibited within three hundred yards of the exhibition grounds during the days of the Fair. The erection of booths or tents on the exhibition grounds can be had on application to the secretary. Any person who, after notice, violates these rules shall be removed by the officers or constable.
  27. One pass for admission will be given to each exhibitor in Livestock Classes when he/she pre-registers and also an additional pass for four animals or more.
  28. If any person willfully hinders or obstructs the officers or servants of any agricultural society in the line of duty or gains admission to the grounds contrary to the rules of the Society, he/she shall be subject to prosecution.
  29. Proof of negative Coggins for the current year must be sent in with entries or brought with the horse or pony to the show grounds. No horse or pony will be allowed to show without producing proof of a negative Coggins test.
  30. All livestock exhibitors, please show proof of current liability insurance at the office when registering, before entering in any class of livestock. Thank you.
  31. All prices include HST where applicable.