1. Open to all Institutes in North Renfrew.
  2. All exhibits to be placed on Wednesday July 5th from 7-9pm , Thursday July 6th, 2023 from 1-3pm.
  3. Judging will commence at 9am on Friday July 7th, 2023
  4. Display space is approximately 3ft in length by 2ft in depth.
  5. Institutes must display ~ 7 out of 9 items to constitute a display.
  6. All items to be made or owned by a WI member from the Branch entering the display.
  7. Please notify the  Office with “Attention Connie Robinson” at beachburgfair@gmail.com  before June 30th if you are putting in a display so space can be reserved.
  8. Exhibitors to pick up exhibits and displays On Sunday July 9th, 2023 at  5pm and by 6pm sharp.

Class 36

Prize Money: $40, $35, $30, $25, all others $20

Theme: We are W.I. – Past & Present

  1. A picture that shows an “activity” within the Branch (Small description attached)
  2. “Display” an item that shows us “You” are a W.I. member.
  3. Display a craft that you have made in your Branch.
  4. An old W.I. Cook Book-with favorite recipe hand printed and a sample of cookies from the Cook Book (include page #)
  5. A picture and small write up of something your Branch has participated in.
  6. A picture with a small description of a ROSE Program you or your Branch have participated in.
  7. A basket with 3 (three) jars of canned or pickled food.
  8. F.W.I.O. Handbook
  9. Diorama depicting 3 (three) W.I. achievements in a Kleenex box with description.