Chairperson: Brenna Jansen

As an Agricultural Society we like to support and draw attention to Ottawa Valley agricultural programs. 4-H is a volunteer-led group, connecting youth and their families to our agricultural and rural communities. The Beachburg Agricultural Society is committed to supporting local 4-H Clubs and spotlight what they are doing.

Class 70 – Team 4-H Project / Display

Prize Money $15 | $12 | $10

Class 71 – Individual 4-H Project / Display

Prize Money $4 | $3 | $2


  1. Open to all 4-H clubs and Members. Please indicate if working as an individual or a team.
  2. State clearly on a piece of paper in an envelope on the back of your display who worked on the project. And contact information.
  3. You can use pictures, info and name of club, and props within space size (no live animals please).
  4. Display space size is approximately 2 ft in length by 1 ½ ft in depth.        
  5. Pre register your display by June 15th, 2023 to make sure we have space. ~ email:

Judges will be looking for: 

  • Neatness: 15pts
  • Clear Information (club name, what you do/did, educated point, any other relevant info): 35pts
  • Creativity: 20pts
  • Grabs Attention: 10pts
  • Props: 10pts
  • Good use of Space: 10pts