PRIZES: $10, $8, $6

  • This section is open to amateur artists and hobbyists only
  • Any names displayed on the front of the artwork are to be covered prior to judging
  • All works must be clean, dry and framed, ready to hang or matted
  1. Painting – Oil
  2. Painting – Acrylic
  3. Painting – Watercolour
  4. Drawing- Coloured Pencil
  5. Drawing – Pencil or graphite
  6. Pastel work – Oil or chalk, any subject
  7. Multi-media artwork
  8. Sculpture – any medium

Judging Standard ARTS (as per OAAS)

25% Design and Material(s)
– design clear for intended effect
– materials selected appropriate for project
– effective use of line, colour, shape, balance and texture

25% Originality
– captures attention through imaginative use of materials and ideals
– does the exhibit show originality, freshness and imagination?
– should be an original idea

50% Quality of Workmanship
– good technique demonstrating skill with medium and materials selected
– appropriately finished, framed or mounted
– appropriate for artist’s maturity and ability


PRIZES: 1st $10, 2nd $8, 3rd $6

From the Studio

  1. Small woodworking item, (carved, turned, etc), exhibitor’s choice
  2. Charcuterie or cutting board
  3. Pottery – any article
  4. Fused glass – any article
  5. Stained glass – any article
  6. Metalwork – decorative article made from metal using any technique (please provide a label describing the technique used)
  7. Resin work – article of jewelry featuring resin
  8. Beadwork – any article

Crafty Creations

  1. Home decor created from upcycled materials
  2. Something made from reclaimed wood
  3. Article created using chalk paint
  4. Garden decor
  5. An indoor wreath
  6. Sign – hand painted on any type of wood or wooden object
  7. Decor made from materials found in nature such as dried flowers, corn husks, pinecones, sticks etc… (please provide a label describing the materials used)
  8. A wooden Barn Quilt square (maximum 2’ x 2’) ~ any subject/theme & colour scheme. The winning block to be reproduced for one of the fair buildings to be permanently displayed

Paper Perfect

  1. Ornament created using quilling technique
  2. Wall hanging using quilling technique
  3. Greeting Card using quilling technique
  4. Greeting Card using any technique except for quilling

Holiday Ready

  1. Crafted holiday decor for the table using any technique and medium 
  2. Holiday Garland featuring at least 3 items, connected to form a decorative garland 
  3. Ornament, ready to be hung ~ any medium 
  4. Sign for the holidays, ready to be hung – using any technique


One winner: 1st Prize – $5.00
Submissions are to be mounted on cardstock or framed and ready to be hung.

We the Makers

In the realm of makers and creators,

Where passion flows and excitement stirs,

Crafting wonders, they bring to life,

Artistry blooming, through toil and strife.

From woodwork to pottery,

And intricate embroidery,

Makers’ hands, skilled and clever,

Bringing imagination’s endeavor.

In cozy nooks and bustling workshops,

Where dreams are crafted from raw blocks,

Homecrafters weave joy and love,

Creating treasures, like stars above.

With tools and materials at their command,

Makers and crafters shape a world so grand,

Through their hands, magic takes flight,

Crafting wonders, both day and night.

In the realm of creators and crafters,

A symphony of passion and art lingers,

Where dreams are made and visions unfold,

In the middle, a world of stories untold.

Author: OpenAI, 2023

For Judging Standards (OAAS) – Handicrafts

15% General Appearance
– attracts attention (outstanding colour, design, etc.)
– neat, clean, well pressed if required
– accurate dimensions (both sides same length etc.)

15% Creative Design
– show creativity and individuality
– appealing, complements colour and material used
– functional; suited to use of article
– one focal point of interest in article

20% Colour & Materials:
– suits design and use of article
– harmonious colour scheme, including background or frame
– material choice suited to use of article (texture, weight, care required)
– complements chosen design
– use warrants value of materials involved

50% Workmanship
– shows knowledge and understanding of materials and methods used
– work finished appropriately and ready for use (mounted, framed, or incorporated into an accessory for the home)
– fabric mounted or framed on grain
– neatness of construction
– stability
– suitability of material used