Chairperson – Heather Campbell (613) 582-3257
(Note the early entry date of Wednesday July 06, 2022, to ensure the judge has time to carefully read all submissions)

  1. Open to Adults 16 years and up.
  2. Entries must be submitted to “Heather Campbell Box 148, Beachburg Ont. K01C0” – postmarked by Wednesday July 6th, 2022
  3. Stories and poems must be original and unpublished.
  4. The cover page must include author’s name, address and phone number, the title and class number(39, 40, 41, 42, 43). This info must not appear on the entry itself.
  5. Submit 2 copies of your entry (one for the judge, one for display). The judge will write private comments (critique) of your work on one of the copies. Please include an 8″x10″ Self-Addressed stamped Envelope if you wish to receive your critiqued copy.
  6. Entries must be typed in English on a computer or typewriter, preferably double spaced, the class number typed at the beginning of your entry (ex. Class 41 – A Story for Children) and the total word count or (poetry lines) printed at the end of your entry.
  7. Entries are limited to one per person per class. An entry fee of $2 for a single entry, $4 flat fee (max) for multiple entries, cheques payable to “Beachburg Agricultural Society”, must accompany entries.
  8. Judging will be done by a qualified judge. It will be “blind judging”  ( No names or identifying features are to be on the entries.) The judge’s decision will be final.                                            
  9. Prize money can be picked up at the Fair Office on Sunday July 24, 2022 or it will be mailed.

Class 39

Prize Money: $12, $10, $7, $4
Short Story:

Fiction or non-fiction; maximum 2000 words. Open topic.

Class 40

Prize Money: $12, $10, $7, $4
A Poem:

Minimum 12 lines, Maximum 42 lines.
Topic: Memories of Grandparents.

Class 41

Prize Money: $12, $10, $7, $4
A Story for Children:

Maximum 1000 words.
Targeted age: 6 to 12 years
A story related to a country fair

Class 42

Prize Money: $12, $10, $7, $4
An Essay:

Maximum 2000 words

Theme : Reflections of the Pandemic

Class 43A

Prize Money: $15, $10, $7, $4
An Acrostic story starting with:  “A time would come ……….”
The story must be 26 sentences that tell a full story (beginning, middle and end) using the letters of the English Alphabet to start each sentence (2nd sentence starting with B, 3rd with C, etc.) The story must have a plot and be in multi-paragraph form, as you would for any story. There is no maximum or minimum number of words.

Class 43B

SPECIAL ~ In Memoriam for Lola Byce
Prize Money: $20, $15, $10
An Essay: Maximum 2000 words
Theme : “Remembering the good old days of a Rural Childhood”.
Sponsored by the BAS for Lola’s work volunteering with the BAS and her love of
creative writing with the Henscratchers.

Winning Poem from ~ Class 40 – A Poem

Sweet Treats Class

Colorful jars lined the old store shelf
Cherry ones, lemon ones and blueberry too,
Calling my name every time, I stepped in
Oh, what could a little girl do.
Although they looked inviting
Teasing my tastes buds so,
I knew it wasn’t Saturday
And turned around to go.
The storekeeper stopped me
Just to ask me why,
I stared so at the candy jars
Yet didn’t intend to buy.
I have to wait for Saturday sir
That’s what I promised my mother,
I so enjoy just looking at them
I hope it is no bother.
During the week I eat so well
Healthy foods upon my plate,
I drink my milk with gusto
My vitamins I take.
I fill one side with veggies
And add a little meat,
A bun so soft and brown
And perhaps a little beet
My favorite fruit is oranges
So juicy when their peeled,
Apples are ok I guess
A nice way to end a meal.
I eat healthy all week long
And on Saturday afternoon,
I come down to your candy store
With money that I earned.
Saturday arrived on time
I skipped into the store,
And when the candy called my name
I stared a moment more.
Carefully I picked the ones
That I enjoyed beyond measure,
I paid for the little treats
He said “thanks” it was a pleasure.

by Cindy Bennett