Committee Chair: Jenna Hill

Prizes: $50 to 1st place in each category, $10 to all others selected for promotional material


  1. All submissions are due June 2nd, 2024. Judging will take place June 3rd. 
  2. Original content, free of All exhibitors consent to allowing the Beachburg Agricultural Society to use any submission for the purpose of promoting any future BAS event. 
  3. Audio: licence-free audio including sound and music
  4. Posters to be submitted in high res jpeg
  5. Video resolution (preferred): minimum 1080p HD
  6. Video Format: MP3, H265 codec
  7. File transfer method: Dropbox or Google Drive shared with
  8. Credits are acceptable 3s of video content or 3×3” of a poster (maximum). 

Category 1: Digital Poster

  • A Poster promoting any aspect of the 2024 Fair. 
  • Submissions will be used in the Ag Society’s marketing plan with the aim to showcase this 168 year long tradition. Exhibitors may reach out to the organizing committee for more information of any Fair event at
  • Canvas size is 11 x 17” or 3300px x 5100px
  • The use of AI technology is permitted, however the use of this technology must be disclosed. Given this is the first year introducing this category, the judging panel reserves the right to split this category into two, depending on the types of submissions received. 

Category 2: Shorts

  • A short video submission aiming to promote any aspect of our agricultural Fair
  • Duration: no longer than 60s. Still images may be included

Category 3: Video

  • A video featuring the heart of rural living in Whitewater Region
  • Duration: 90 – 180 seconds