Junior Directors:

We are very proud of our youth leaders who have joined our Junior Directorship.

Sub-Committee Chairpersons and Partners

Book Keeper: Krysta DeHaan

Maintenance Lead: Bob Farnel

Livestock Committee Chairperson: Scott Schoenfeldt

  • Beef Show Leads: Scott Schoenfeldt
  • Dairy Show Lead: John Hedden
  • Horse Show Leads: Brenna Jansen & Anna McIntyre
  • Jr. Sheep Show Lead: Anna McIntyre
  • 4-H Lead: beachburgfair@gmail.com

Exhibition Hall Chairperson: Tania Bennett

  • Fibre Arts Committee: Tania Bennett, Connie Gray, Judy Hunter, Julie Morin, Jenny Croft
  • Horticulture – Roots, Vegetables & Fruits Lead: Christine Reaburn
  • Horticulture – Flowers Committee: Lauren McIllfaterick
  • Culinary Arts Committee: Sharron Jansen, Susan DeHaan
  • Arts Committee: beachburgfair@gmail.com
  • Handicrafts Committee: beachburgfair@gmail.com
  • Creative Writing Committee Lead: Heather Campbell
  • Photography Committee: Tiffany Smith, Connie Tabbert
  • Women’s Institute Lead: beachburgfair@gmail.com
  • Valley Hay Growers Competition Lead: Christine Reaburn
  • Junior Fair Arts & Crafts Committee: Adriana Burger, Robyn Cameron, Sara Ward, Crystal Alport, Sherrie Dellaire, Amanda Trimble

Food Committee Chairperson: Brenna Jansen

  • BAS Food Booth Leads: Connie Hawthorne & Neil Hawthorne
  • Dining Hall Lead: Brenna Jansen
  • Food Concessions: beachburgfair@gmail.com

Entertainment Committee Chairperson: President, Brenna Jansen

  • Bavarian’s Bar Lead: Stacey Robinson
  • Farmer’s Stage Musical Entertainment Lead: Brenna Jansen
  • Children’s Program Lead: Amanda Trimble
  • Discovery Barn Lead: Charlotte Mackay
  • Demolition Derby Leads: Sandra & John Bradley
  • ATV Run Lead: Sherrie Dellaire
  • Indoor Vendors Lead: beachburgfair@gmail.com
  • Outdoor Vendors- Rona-Lee McCrea

Sponsorship Committee Chairperson: Brenna Jansen

Junior Directors/Youth Coordinator: Crystal Alport, Sarah Hall

Community Development Liaison Officer: Brenna Jansen