Chairperson – Christine Reaburn

  Hay or  Haylage / Baleage

Prize Money :  $50, $40, $30

Part 1

  1. First 10 Entries received will be Judged. There are only 10 spaces.
  2. Entry Fee is $ 10.00  Per person/field.
  3. Register a standing field of Hay by May 10th. Location & Address of field must be listed.
  4. Field Judging will take place in Late May / early June.
  5. Can send a copy of Registration form to
  6. Etransfer your Entry fee to : ( make a note on transfer that it is for the Hay Competition).
  7. Judge and BAS rep will visit Hay Field and take a sample to be sent for analysis. At this time they may also take a few pictures.

Part 2

  1. Come to the Fair with a sample ( 1 flake or a couple handfuls) of your Hay or Haylage from the field entered.
  2. All exhibits to be placed on Wednesday July 3rd from 6-9pm
  3. A clear bag will be provided at the office to put your hay sample in.
  4. Attach a copy of the original Registration form to your hay sample. A fair tag will be given on arrival.
  5. Winners will be announced at the fair with a display of the top 3 Hay Fields with pictures, hay samples, analysis results etc.
  6. Judging will be done on a points basis. Of Part 1 – Filed visit, Part 2 – final Hay entry, and Part 3 the results form the Hay analysis.