Chair Person – Tania Bennett

Committee – Tania Bennett, Connie Gray, Judy Hunter, Julie Morin

Prize Money: $10, $8, $6

Judging Standards (see pages 32-38 & 44- 47)

(NEW) Fibre Arts: Heritage Techniques

Sponsored by: Ottawa Valley Makers


  1. Handspun yarn
  2. Handspun and hand-dyed yarn with natural dyes
  3. Handspun or millspun yarn, hand-dyed (any dye)


  1. Wet felting – mounted, framed or constructed into an article
  2. Needle felting – mounted, framed or constructed into an article
  3. Felted fabric 


  1. Hand-woven textile on a loom 2 shaft or more (i.e. floor, table or rigid heddle)
  2. Tapestry, ready to be hung
  3. Hand-woven textile on a small loom (i.e. inkle loom etc…)


  1. Basketry – Any size, any style

Hand Work

  1. Handmade lace – mounted, framed or constructed into an article (please label technique used)
  2. Tatting – mounted, framed or constructed into an article (please label technique used)
  3. Macrame – mounted, framed or constructed into an article


  1. Rug hooking article (traditional rug hooking with wool) mounted, framed or finished
  2. Hand punch needlework (functional and ornamental) – mounted, framed or constructed into an article
  3. Any other handwork not previously mentioned (i.e. temari or otherwise)

Knitting and Crochet

Sponsored by: Maker’s Lodge

All articles in categories 22-34 must be crocheted or knit by hand.

  1. Fine sock one pair
  2. Socks – one pair, using any weight of yarn
  3. Mittens – one pair
  4. Sweater
  5. Summer (t-shirt, camisole, tank etc…)
  6. Shawl – any size
  7. Blanket – any size
  8. Gift for baby – include at least two 2 coordinating articles of your choosing
  9. Headwear
  10. Footwear – one pair, any article but a sock)
  11. Decorative item for the sofa (not a blanket)
  12. Mended item that has been well loved over the years (labeled describing your item’s history and how you have mended it)
  13. Amigurumi stuffed animal
  14. Nalbinding – Any article

(NEW) Machine Knitting

  1. Knitted article of clothing using a flat-bed knitting machine
  2. Machine knitted decor using any knitting machine 
  3. Any item created using a circular knitting machine

Most points in Knitting & Crochet – $10


Sponsored by:  Mimifabrics

  1. Any article of clothing sewn for a child
  2. Sleepwear, lounge wear or athletic garments made from knit fabrics (PJs, sweatshirt, joggers etc… of any style or size)
  3. Business Casual: any blouse or shirt featuring buttons or zippers
  4. Pieces quilted for the home (hot pads, oven mitts, placemats or Pillow)
  5. Sewn stuffed animal
  6. Bag Makers (Purse, duffle, hip pack or wallet: featuring at least one pocket)
  7. Market bag: any bag sewn using any material, intended to carry items home from the market. Sets are permitted.
  8. Article featuring wool applique 
  9. Machine-sewn article made from upcycled materials (Provide a labeled description of items used, to be displayed with item)
  10. Any article of clothing that has been repaired or mended using a decorative hand stitch
  11. Smocking – mounted, framed or constructed into an article
  12. Article featuring cross stitch – mounted, framed or constructed into an article
  13. Article featuring hand embroidery – mounted, framed or constructed into an article

Most points in Sewing – $10


Sponsored by: Mad About Patchwork

Prize Money: $25, $20, $15 (unless otherwise stated)
Note: those wishing to be considered for OAAS, see the rules and regulates noted in the following section specially for size.

  1. Beginners: Beginners quilt, any size, any technique 
  2. Hand Quilting*: Quilt hand pieced and hand quilted by exhibitor
  3. Machine Quilting*: Quilt machine pieced and quilted 
  4. Crib quilt, any technique, machine pieced (approximate 36” – 52” or less than 200” perimeter)
  5. Crib quilt, any technique, hand quilted (approximate 36” – 52” or less than 200” perimeter)
  6. Applique: Quilt featuring applique technique, any size
  7. Foundation Paper Piecing: Quilt featuring foundation paper piecing, any size
  8. English Paper Piecing: Quilted article featuring english paper piecing
  9. Quilt top only, any size
  10. Wall Hanging: Any sized wall hanging using any technique. Write a small description about your piece.

*Cathedral window techniques will be accepted

Quilted Articles for the Home 

Prize Money: $10, $8, $6

  1. Miniatures: Quilt maximum perimeter of 48” 
  2. One quilt block – Maximum size of 24” square – pieced, pattern named and mounted one edge on cardboard.
  3. Other: Article of quilting other than a quilt
  4. For the Table: Placemat(s), pot holder(s) and/or mugrug(s)
  5. Christmas in July: any quilted article featuring Christmas Spirit

Most points in Quilts & Quilted for the Home – $10
Quilt of the Fair prize – $30
Reserve Champion Prize – $25