Friday Night Notice July 6, 2021: There will be no derby this fair year 2021, our apologies to our avid competitors and fan base. Pre-registration is required to participate. Limited spots available! Please review the Derby Rules before as some of the rules have changed. Large Division 106.5″ wheel baseContinue Reading

The Beachburg Agricultural Society would like to update everyone on the status of the 2021 Beachburg Fair. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the current restrictions, and the uncertainty of futurerestrictions, we will not be holding our traditional fair this year. However, we are working hard to still plan someContinue Reading

Our historic agricultural showcase exists because of hundreds of volunteers’ time, ongoing community involvement and continued sponsorship. We are pleased to offer you great opportunities to support the Beachburg Fair though sponsorship of our upcoming event. We offer a variety of marketing opportunities for your business, through both monetary andContinue Reading

Food, Floats, Scarecrows/ Pumpkin People, and Fireworks OH MY! The Fall Festival Fun on Saturday October 3rd, 2020 at the Beachburg Fair grounds, 7 Stewart St. was a wonderful day. A row of scarecrows lined the grounds, and a few floats were set up. Some local Antique Car’s came outContinue Reading

Notice July 6, 2021 to our Riders: Due to the Covid restrictions there will unfortunately be no Midway. But stay tuned we are planning alternative attractions. Worlds Finest Shows, All new rides and games for all ages. We are sure they will provide you with a full day of funContinue Reading

Would you like to support Beachburg Fair celebrations? Any donation is always helpful! The board will utilize your donation to make sure the Beachburg Fair continues to be a successAs a “Not for Profit Organization” we greatly appreciate all donations! Please click the link below and mail into the BeachburgContinue Reading