Chairperson – Christine Reaburn

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Class 25 – Roots and Vegetables

  1. Three table beets, tops trimmed
  2. 3 carrots, 3” and over, tops trimmed
  3. Bunch of 5 radishes, tops trimmed to 1”
  4. Bunch of 5 green onions, tops trimmed
  5. Bunch of 5 garlic scapes
  6. Four stems of dill, suitable for salads, shown in water
  7. 5 peas, any variety, with a little bit of calyx still on it
  8. A collection of culinary herbs, min of 3, max of 5, varieties labeled and can be show in water and suitable container(s)
  9. 5 stalks of Rhubarb – pulled, not cut or base trimmed. Tops trimmed to 2” and tied
  10. 2 fresh garlic bulbs with tops, tied and roots trimmed
  11. Special: My Gardens best – A display of home-grown produce. May include edible flowers and herbs. Quality and condition: 60% artistic design. Artistic Design: 40%
  12. Special: Seed Saving: A display of minimum 3, max of 5, seeds saved by the exhibitor. Labeled with which vegetables the seeds came from and in appropriate containers.

Class 27 Maple Syrup

The following entries are to be submitted in clean, clear glass jars, free of glue and other markings. 

  1. Light
  2. Dark