1. Open to all Institutes in North Renfrew.
  2. All exhibits to be placed on Wednesday July 3rd between 6 and 9pm
  3. Judging will commence at TBC
  4. Display space is approximately 3ft in length by 2ft in depth.
  5. Institutes must display 8 out of 10 items to constitute a display.
  6. All items to be made or curated by a WI member from the Branch entering the display.
  7. Please notify the Office at beachburgfair@gmail.com  before June 30th if you are putting in a display so space can be reserved.
  8. Exhibitors to pick up exhibits and displays On Sunday July 7th, 2023 between 5pm and by 6pm. 
  9. Judging standards – see page 39

Prize Money: $40, $35, $30, $25, all others $20

2024 Women’s Institute Fair Display

General Rules

  1. This competition is open to all Institutes in North Renfrew District.
  2. Handmade items are to be made or owned by a member from the Branch entering the display.


  1. A flower arrangement in an antique quart jar (Crown or Jewel) using fresh
    garden flowers and greenery. Not to exceed 18” in height.
  2. 3 ginger cookies on an antique plate.
  3. A 250 ml. jar of cooked strawberry jam.
  4. A ladies hat from yesterday with a short history attached.
  5. Something new from something old with explanation.
  6. An antique teapot with history.
  7. Old sheet music.
  8. An article of tatting mounted.
  9. An old mail order catalogue.
  10. A mustache cup.

Signage describing articles are encouraged. The exhibition committee will also provide a single sign to be posted near all WI displays describing each category to help viewers better navigate your displays.